Last of the Best Sellers

Take advantage of our Last of the Best Sellers and shop a variety of luxury bespoke Headbands, Alice Bands, Hair Clips, Baby & Toddler Shoes and Bow Ties.

Shoes comprise soft soles perfect for crawling babies and our non-slip soles with grips provide good balance for walking toddlers, suitable for all ages up until 2 years and are available in the following sizes:

* 0 to 6 months (11cm) *
* 6 to 12 months (11.8cm) *
* 12 to 18 months (12.5cm) *
* 18 to 24 months (13.4cm) *

NB: please note that our age and size groups are merely a guide to assist you. Please ensure to measure your little ones feet to determine the correct size before confirming your order

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