Girls Shoes: Baby & Toddler

We stock the finest designer baby shoes of the highest quality and comfort, perfect for crawling babies and walking toddlers.

Our fashionable designs are inspired from the latest Italian and French trends and are popular with infants and toddlers alike.

Our stylish soft soles are perfect for crawling babies and our non-slip soles with grips provide good balance for walking toddlers.

Our shoes are suitable for all ages up until 2 years and are available in the following sizes:

* 0 to 3 months – soft sole (10.2cm) *
* 3 to 6 months – soft sole (11.5cm) *
* 6 to 12 months – soft sole (12.5cm) *
* 12 to 18 months – rubber grip sole (13.5cm) *
* 18 to 24 months – rubber grip sole (14.5cm) *

NB: please note that our age and size groups are merely a guide to assist you. Please ensure to measure your little ones feet to determine the correct size before confirming your order.